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Armenia Guide Fund (AGF) ships 23,000 pounds of various goods to Armenia in December 2002. This is the first large volume shipment from the US to Armenia by the AGF charity. The goods shipped included computers, Armenian flags, agricultural tools, hand tools and 2nd hand clothes. AGF plans to ship additional containers to Armenia in 2003. The majority of the goods will be given to local schools. more...

About Armenia
Armenians are an Indo-European race, whose origins are not clearly known. Specialists speculate that the Armenians migrated to the Armenian Highland via the Balkans or the Caucasus. At that time the area was inhabited by the Urartians, who seem to have assimilated very quickly and absorbed the language of the newcomer Armenians. An advanced Urartian nation existed at the turn of the first millennium before Christ, later replaced by the first Armenian kingdom in the sixth century...more
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Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Armenia

Right now there are hundreds of ethnic Armenians throughout the world suffering from life-threatening blood diseases who need a bone marrow transplant from another Armenian to save their lives. Maybe itís you. Or your neighbor. Or someone in your church. Patients are desperately and literally seeking a saviour. Parents of sick children are racing against time to save their child before itís too late. More charity links...

The first ever Khachkar to be built and unveiled in America is the Zakarian Khachkar, sponsored by Arthur Zakarian. The unveiling ceremony took place at the courtyard of the St. Mary's Armenian church in Glendale, CA. on Sunday, May 31st, 1998.

Arthur Zakarian, the Chairman and CEO of Olympia Group, Inc., has been involved in charity contributions and business programs in Armenia since 1992. The ArmeniaGuide Fund (AGF) was recently established to handle these charity programs.
About AGF
The activities of Armenia Guide Fund in the past and present include contributions and sponsorship, supporting Organizations and Families, with a view to creating excitement among younger generations and encourage them to progress and achieve the highest positions in their field, bringing revenue and fame to their country...more

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